About us

Medical Teams International Ltd.
has been founded in 2010 and provides medical specialists and know how over a long period now.

We offer a big portfolio of flight physicians, paramedics, nurses and RT’s in our UK and Continental Branches.
For your special needs we provide anesthesiologists, flight nurses and RT’s in the UK as well as medical consultants of different fields, paramedics and nurses on the Continent.

We serve ground ambulance companies as well as air ambulance companies.
Every company knows about the availability problem of their freelancers in the moment of an urgent need.
In this case… Just call us and your problem is our problem.

Our prices and calculations for long time staff management and daily arrangements will be done case by case individually tailored to your needs.

Offering a special educated staff for the UK and the continental demands is the big difference to our competitors on the market.

We know about different kinds of workflow, operating issues and expectations in our staff and we make the perfect selection for you.